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"Rational Intuitive"

30 x 40 inches 

CNC Laser Cut Font Shadow Box 

Oil on Wood


-In the artwork "Rational Intuitive" the balance between logic and instinct is depicted by the structured stairs to the flowy leaves. While society often values logical thinking, there's also a deep, intuitive wisdom within us. This piece encourages us to connect to the intuitive side and blend both forms of understanding for a richer perspective on life.

-Setting an intention before a meditation can help us focus and enrich the session. It can offer a bridge between inner thoughts and daily life.

-I designed the font using Adobe Illustrator and then used a CNC laser cutter to precisely carve out each letter. I attached this panel to the front of a shadow box I had crafted. My intention was for the shifting shadows inside the box to serve as a reminder that each second marks a new moment in time.

What does the choice of color palette convey to you?

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