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"Rescued by Reality"

 11 x 17 inches 


Signed Print on 100 lb paper


 -I'm sure many of you can relate to doodling in your notebooks during class while the teacher lectured. That was me in a nutshell. In high school, I took this passion a step further, rushing home after class to fill larger sketchbooks, losing myself for hours in the art. From there, the rest was history.

-I continued doodling through college and post-grad, but it wasn't as intense as my high school days until recently. "Rescued by Reality" is an example of my doodling powers making a comeback.

-The message of this piece emerged only after I completed it. To me, the central figure embodies our human form, while the designs at the bottom represent our thoughts. Our minds can often feel overwhelmed, crowded with anxieties and extra information. However, it's moments of clarity—often achieved through activities like exercise or meditation—that remind us of the innate magic in reality, free from the clutches of our ego. The net-like pattern in the top left corner symbolizes the present moment, awaiting us whenever we choose to embrace it.


Did you know

-I drew this piece on my iPad!

How does this drawing relate to your own experiences or memories?

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