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"Take a Seat"

30 x 40 inches 

CNC Laser Cut Font Shadow Box 

Oil on Wood


-"Take a Seat" is the initial prompt in my meditation series, playfully suggesting a moment of relaxation: take off your shoes and carve out some time for yourself. Yet, the pointe ballet slippers delve deeper, symbolizing a memory from my childhood ballet that resurfaced during meditation. This rediscovery hints at the profound spaces meditation can unlock.

-The watery scene draws inspiration from Monet's famous water lilies series. Monet was commissioned by the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris in the early 1920s. He envisioned these works as a sanctuary, providing people with a sense of calm and beauty amid the chaos of the post-war era.

-I designed the font using Adobe Illustrator and then used a CNC laser cutter to precisely carve out each letter. I attached this panel to the front of a shadow box I had crafted. My intention was for the shifting shadows inside the box to serve as a reminder that each second marks a new moment in time.





What's the first memory that comes to mind when you look at this?

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