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"Antique Indian Agra"

30 x 40 inches

Oil on canvas

Origins & Inspirations:

-I was captivated by this particular carpet called an Antique Indian Agra (see photo below) due to its vivid purple hue and intricate details, which filled me with inspiration. I sensed a magical essence within the rug, inspiring me to paint it as if it were blossoming into an enchanting elixir.

The Antique Indian Agra carpet, hailing from the city of Agra in India and primarily crafted during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, stands as a testament to the region's rich artistic heritage, featuring intricate designs influenced by Persian and Central Asian motifs.










Do you see...

...a baby elephant in the top right-hand corner? This wasn't planned 

...The drip? It was unintentional, but I loved it, so I decided to keep it!

How would you title this piece if given the chance?

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