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"Antique Turkish Oushak"

24 x 24 inches

Oil on canvas

Origins & Inspirations:

 -This painting marks my first attempt at distorting an antique rug on canvas. Drawing inspiration from an Antique Turkish Oushak carpet (see photo reference below), I embarked on an exploration, choosing to depict it in a zoomed-in cube form. The play of shadows in this close-up view piqued my curiosity, leaving me intrigued about the composition's appearance when zoomed out.

The Antique Turkish Oushak carpet, originating from the Oushak region of Turkey and produced mainly during the 17th and 18th centuries, is renowned for its distinctive large-scale designs, soft color palettes, and enduring influence on the world of carpet weaving.












Do you see...

...the woman's face?

What elements in the painting stand out to you the most?

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