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"Antique Persian Tabriz"

30 x 40 inches

Oil on canvas

Origins & Inspirations:

-Derived from a carpet known as Antique Persian Tabriz, my initial intent was to solely depict a floating cube within a white, empty expanse, exploring the pattern from a new perspective. However, while drafting the piece I decided to extend the pattern beyond the confines of the cube, mirroring my appreciation for out-of-the-box living. The mesmerizing blue hue served as a powerful inspiration throughout the creative process.

The Antique Persian Tabriz carpet, originating from the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran and first crafted in the 16th century, boasts a long and illustrious history characterized by its diverse range of artistic designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

Farzin Rugs, Inc [Dallas, Texas}









How does this painting relate to your own experiences or life?

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