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"Antique Persian Bijar"

30 x 40 inches

Oil on canvas

Origins & Inspirations:

-Encountering this Antique Persian Bijar carpet (photo below), I immediately connected with its vibrant pattern and vivid colors. While painting it, my focus shifted to the flowers, unintentionally incorporating a structured net-like design that concealed them. In the creative process, I felt a surge of courage, seeing the flowers within the net as symbols of latent potential we all possess. The spherical form embodies these powers emerging into the universe, like a bold and revitalizing lightning bolt.

The Antique Persian Bijar carpet, originating from the town of Bijar in Iran and traditionally produced in the 19th century, is renowned for its exceptional durability, intricate designs, and the distinct 'Iron Rug of Persia' moniker due to its resilience and sturdiness.








What emotions arise when you look at this painting?

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